Lemon Book - Reader Feedback

Below is just some of the feedback we've had from customers who have purchased The Lemon Book.

"Dear Ray, I was delighted with the content of your book. There is so much information that is new to me and I will enjoy trying them out. Regards, Linda Watt"

"Hi Ray, Thanks for the lemon book recently purchased. Excellent reading. I learned quite a few tips................and I like lemons too. Regards,Bernard"

"Hi Ray, I keep reading your Lemon Book over and over as there is so much good info to read. Everything is written in laymans language and is a pleasure to read. Thank you also for the Goodlife letters which i always look forward to receiving.Keep up the good work. Regards, Tom Dooley, Hants"

"Hi Ray, I read your lemon book with interest, I have tried out some of the tips lemon in the microwave and cleaning the windows, for example, the stings one also sounds useful as well and I now start my day with a cup of hot water, with lemon in.

There are lots of good and useful tips written and presented in a pleasant, citrusy and zestful way. Very good little book, I only wish I'd thought of writing it!! Best Wishes John McLelland"

"Hi Ray, just to say how much I have enjoyed your "own" book. I have not yet read it cover to cover but have used it as a reference on numerous occasions and, in fact, recommended it to several of my friends and family.

My skin will be rejuvenated, my house pristine and my clothes stainless - what more can a girl ask!! Thanks and keep up the good work. Kind regards Pauline (Uphill)"

"Hello Ray, As a result of buying the Lemon Book I am now a 'Lemon' convert! I found it easy to read, understand & very practical. I look forward to the next one! Kind regards. Finola"

"Hi Ray, Once your book came I read it from cover to cover! So much good natural advice. Looking forward to the next book. Regards G Land (via email)

I have just received The Lemon Book, and I cannot remember the last time I have enjoyed reading such a brilliant book, it has brought back laughter and smiles. Thank you so much. Sue Mould

My father has just given me your Lemon Book. I love it and really enjoy your writing style. I have just had a look at your web site and am looking forward to further visits over the next few weeks. Its packed with such great ideas. Regards Joanna Russell

Having purchased your lemon book I was pleased and very surprised (old cynic that I am) to find that the tip of adding lemon juice to light washes to bring the white, works so very well.

The timely reminder of using a piece of the lemon peel in the waste disposal to stop it from becoming smelly was most appreciated too - a sweet smelling waste disposal has returned to this household.

Sincre thanks for all that research.

Regards Marianne - London

"My sister gave me your "Lemon" book for my birthday the other day. I'm very glad she did as it has helped to give me the kick start I need to make some changes."
Linda Ireland

I enjoy your regular letters enormously, thanks for keeping up with everything. I find your "Lemon Book" very informative and useful, again, thanks.
Yours sincerely, Denise

"We have enjoyed the book very much.  My husband has been using lemon in distilled water recently in an effort to rid himself of a kidney stone.  Since he has had no further pain since taking this regularly, we can only assume it has worked."
Barbara Wightman