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Why drinking a lemon 'through your nose' could help relieve asthma symptoms... page 25

Get rid of cellulite! Try this simple two-minute trick every day... page 26

Trouble sleeping?
Why the secret of a good night's rest is through your feet!... page 31

How to treat piles, rashes, scaly skin and prickly heat instantly - and without paying for expensive creams or medicines!

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It's taken a year of painstaking research, but now I can reveal...

76 of the most powerful natural lemon remedies you could try at home today!

I promise, you’ll be BLOWN AWAY by the ways something as simple as a lemon could help you clean your home without toxins... repel insects... beautify your skin... relieve stress and dozens of niggling health problems... and even treat the symptoms of ageing!

Best of all, it costs you only a few pennies at your local shop!

Now you can test my discoveries — RISK FREE

This is why I’ve compiled 76 of the most astonishing ways the mighty lemon could help you and your family. It’s all in The Lemon Book: Mother Nature’s “Cure-All” For Everyday Problems. And today I'm offering you the chance to read it all the way through for yourself... without risking a penny!

It includes gems like:

  • How drinking this special lemon mixture ‘through your nose’ can beat asthma!... page 25
  • Could a lemon cake mix keep you younger...page 41
  • Why on earth would you microwave a towel with lemons wrapped in it? Discover the answer on page 44 (this could be the most powerful stress relief remedy EVER!)
  • Get rid of cellulite for good... just do this every day with a lemon!... page 26
  • The sneaky lemon juice trick that boosts your baby’s immune system... page 26
  • Got an interview or important meeting...? Then you MUST do this with a lemon the night before (it involves fire, so be careful!).... page 27
  • Get rid of dandruff for good by using lemon juice and shampoo STRICTLY in this order... page 14
  • Constipation? Do this half an hour before you have breakfast... page 27
  • Over 60? The surprising reason why you should rub lemon juice on the back of your hands... page 41
  • If your kids suffer from nightmares, cut a lemon in half and use this simple trick on their feet!... page 32
  • Blitz those spots with lemon juice and these two extra ingredients.... page 46
  • Got sunburn? This lemon solution will soothe the pain, but you MUST mix the ingredients in these quantities... page 34
  • Revealed at last! Cleopatra’s anti-wrinkle remedy... page 42
  • LADIES! Why putting a lemon in your fridge will give you the most powerful skin cleanser for pennies!... page 46
  • The amazing breakthrough of the ‘drunken’ anti-wrinkle skin pack! Just mix lemon juice with this common tipple, and dab on your face. You won’t believe the results... page 42
  • The best end-of-day soak you’ll ever try! Just mix 2 tbsp of lemon juice with these three household ingredients and feel every ache and pain simply drift away...page 47

But a lemon isn’t just a powerful health booster....

With the lemon book in your hands, you’ll be able to solve dozens of everyday problems!

  • Sweat stains on clothes? This simple little lemon trick will shift them in two minutes... page 52
  • If you want to get your windows cleaner than ever before, cut a lemon into quarters and do this... page 53
  • Why you should throw a few bits of lemon peel on an open fire... page 54
  • How to get perfect rice every time! Just do this with some lemon juice as the water starts to boil (but don’t add a drop more than stated or it will sour the rice!)... page 35
  • At last! The secret way lemons can keep half-eaten apples and bananas from turning brown!... page 58
  • Make your house insect-proof ! Arm yourself with lemon juice, rind and segments, and follow these instructions... page 59
  • Why you should pour lemonade on your potted plants... page 60
  • Do you want to find out what sort of personality you have? Or your family or friends? Then do this with ONE drop of lemon juice, and ALL will be revealed... page 63
  • Chef ’s secret! The magic trick that will make the vegetables in your Sunday roast look the best ever ... page 66
  • If you want your mushrooms to have an intense taste, just do this as they cook. I don’t know how this works, but it does!... page 66

After many months of painstaking research, I’ve put together a unique collection of insider secrets, tips, facts and remedies that you can put into action RIGHT AWAY.

In The Lemon Book: Mother Nature’s “Cure All” for Everyday Problems, you’ll see how good health, long life, and a  clean home doesn’t have to cost you hassle or money. In fact, lemons can replace many of those expensive, toxic-laden cleaning products…  overpriced lotions and creams… and save you hundreds of pounds on health supplements.

Honestly, I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t benefit from this book!

In one comprehensive volume, you’ll discover how to:

  • Clean your digestive system
  • Help flush toxins from your body
  • Relieve heartburn and bloating
  • Help control constipation
  • Reduce stress and fatigue
  • Help maintain a healthy heart
  • An ancient remedy for rheumatism, sore throat and headaches
  • Relieve prickly heat, nausea and travel sickness
  • Treat stings, burns and wounds
  • Enhance the beauty, glow and elasticity of your skin
  • Quickly remove stains from your hands
  • Keep your scalp healthy and treat dandruff
  • Reduce water retention and cellulite
  • Remove make up naturally
  • Tackle greasy hair, highlight or brighten your hair after washing

But this book doesn’t just cover health and beauty.

You’ll also learn dozens of cheeky ways to make household chores a whole lot easier – without having to use nasty chemicals.

For instance you’ll discover how to:

  • Safely bleach your wooden chopping boards
  • Clean kitchen surfaces without nasty, abrasive chemicals
  • Remove unpleasant odours from your fridge, instantly and easily
  • Remove limescale from your taps, dissolve soap scum and hard water deposits
  • Shine all your brass, aluminium and copper
  • Naturally and effectively scrub all your dishes without risk
  • Remove ink, rust, or mild stains from cloth
  • Polish your hardwood furniture
  • Scrub those stained plastic storage containers in your cupboards
  • Freshen your drains, your kitchen
  • Freshen the air throughout your home
  • Clean and deodorise your microwave
  • Whiten your household cloths
  • Clean all your glass, windows and mirrors
  • Remove those annoying streaks from your shower door
  • Clean round your toilet bowl

That’s almost every cleaning chore pretty much covered, except the vacuuming and dusting! You’ll save a whole pile of cash. And not a grim chemical in sight.

All this information, and more, is packed into The Lemon Book - Mother Nature’s "Cure-All" For Everyday Problems – and with your permission I’d like to send it to you RISK FREE.

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But that’s not all…

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Easy ways to solve your everyday problems

Order my book now, and go through it in the comfort of your own home. If you can’t see the benefit of my amazing lemon tips in the first 28 days, you don’t’ have to pay a penny for it.

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But I promise you, once you’ve discovered the secret of Mother Nature’s miracle fruit, you won’t look back.


Ray Collins

Ray Collins
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